About us - Brother Group

Far more than just products
Careful thought has gone into the BROTHER product range: every item consists of intelligent, innovative, intuitive, economical, durable and environment-friendly products which meet the wishes of customers with very varied requirements. This product range is characteristic of BROTHER and gives the company a unique position in the marketplace. A unique position that makes the brand very attractive for anyone who wants more than just a product and opts for peace of mind and a relationship of trust.
It's a promise: we respect the environment
BROTHER is well aware of the influence that its business activities can have on the environment and therefore the company has decided to take a number of steps to conserve the environment. The company takes its responsibilities seriously, and wants to do business in a socially responsible manner, and in order to do this, technical development and the environment go hand in hand. This commitment to the environment is put into practice through a number of actions:
• Manufacture of products that meet the strictest environmental requirements
• Ban on materials that pose a threat to the environment
• Re-use of equipment and materials without a conversion process
• Re-use of waste to make new raw materials
• Battle against global warming: this is possible via the actions mentioned above.
Partners so that we can serve our customers better
Brother believes that advice is very important to help users make the right choice. It is important that the user knows the characteristics and the advantages of each machine, so as to buy the machine that is most suitable for its intended purpose. BROTHER has a network of specialised partners in sewing and embroidery circles. BROTHER maintains very close links with these partners. They provide advice as well as handling sales, warranty work and maintenance of products.
Brother and creative hobbies
Creative hobbies are tremendously popular! Nowadays everyone wants to design their own surroundings. More than ever before people want to restyle their interior, give a new look to outdated objects and affirm their own personality by adapting their clothes to their individual needs and wishes. This means that manufacturers have seen demand change. The sewing machine which used to be a tool has now become a creative instrument. Brother paid attention to that change and was then able to position itself as one of the leaders in the market for sewing and embroidering machines. Currently the brand endeavours to offer products and services that are better suited to the creative requirements of its users.