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Innov-is V7

£4,499.00   Suggested Retail Price incl VAT

Innov-is V7 sewing, quilting and embroidery machine.

Create beautiful embroidery, quilting and home décor with the new Innov-is V7, packed with pioneering new features, such as direct dual drive, laser sewing guide and ultrasonic pen for easy pattern placement and more.

• Brother exclusive direct dual drive foot, which can be directly adjusted for different fabrics
• Extra large long arm – 11.25" (285mm)
• Laser guide line marker
• Ultrasonic sensor function for placing embroidery designs with precision and setting stitch width. Users can also set an end point for sewing and the machine will automatically adjust stitches to fit.
• Embroidery foot with LED pointer
• ICAPS continuous automatic pressure system – continually detects fabric thickness for superior stitch quality
• Fast 1050 stitches per minute embroidery speed
• Large LCD touch screen – including on-screen editing for embroidery projects
• Ultra bright LED lighting
• Clock
• 7 point feed
• USB ports
• Knee lift
• Quick-set drop-in bobbin and independent bobbin winding

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Innov-is V7

£4,499.00   Suggested Retail Price incl VAT

11 1/4" (285mm) Long arm

The extra large long arm 111/4" (285mm) gives you more space then ever. The Innov-is V7 gives a wider expanse of space for those extra-large quilting, fashion and home décor projects.

Guideline laser marker

Follow the laser guideline to sew in a straight line.

LED pointer embroidery foot

The LED pointer shows exactly where the needle will drop for embroidery projects.

Direct dual drive

Smoothly feeds slippy fabrics, and multi-layered projects.


Innov-is V7 Continuous Automatic Pressure System, continuously detects fabric thickness and adjusts the foot pressure automatically to give superior stitch quality when stitching over differing fabric thicknesses.

Large embroidery area

The Innov-is V7's large 300 x 180 mm embroidery area enables you to create even bigger and more intricate designs. Create large elaborate embroidery with no need to re-hoop.

Ultrasonic pen

Use the ultrasonic pen to help set embroidery position, set stitch start/stop points, set stitch width, set laser guide line position.

Clear, user-friendly, full colour LCD touch screen

Create sophisticated layouts with ease. The clear, extra large, high resolution LCD colour display has wide viewing angles so you can easily see a full preview of your chosen design. Simply use the touch screen to edit your pattern. Drag and drop embroidery pattern positioning, create mirror images, rotate, enlarge, reduce, change alphabet spacing and so much more.

Up to 1,050 stitches per minute

A super-fast sewing speed means that you can complete projects quickly and move onto the next one.

Electronic needle threader

Simply guide your thread through the marked path and press the button for quick and effortless needle threading.

Ultra-bright LED lights

Ultra-bright fully adjustable natural lighting system

Extensive choice of built-in designs

A total of 227 built-in embroidery motifs including Vintage, Trendy, Classic Japanese, Special technique designs, Floral Alphabet and designs by Zündt.

7-point feed

Contains extra teeth for smoother feeding, helping to create superior stitch quality.

Knee lift

Free up your hands by using the knee lift to raise/lower the presser foot. Ideal for working on larger projects such as quilts.

Decorative stitches

Includes a range of large decorative stitches that are ideal for home decoration, garment embellishment, quilting projects, etc.

Sew with the embroidery unit in place

It makes creation even more effortless! You don't have to uninstall the embroidery unit every time to sew utility stitches, giving you more time to spend on your creation!

Presser foot height selector

Select the most appropriate foot clearance from 3 levels, giving the freedom to choose your favourite fabric, whatever its thickness.

My Custom Stitch™

No matter which style stitch you like, you have the freedom to create your own stitch directly on the LCD panel by using the ‘My Custom Stitch™' feature.

Handy central controls

For ease of use, all operating buttons are on one convenient panel.
• Presser foot lever button – lifts the presser foot up for you.
• Trimmer button – automatically cuts the top and bottom threads.
• Needle position button – raises or lowers the needle.
• Reverse/reinforcement button – automatically sews 4 reinforcement stitches.
• Sews straight and reverse zigzag stitches at low speed.
• Start/stop LED button – red/green lights indicate when the machine is ready to sew.
• Lock Stitch button

Upper and lower thread sensors

Built-in sensors warn you when the thread is running out or broken.

Independent bobbin winding

Wind a new bobbin while you continue to sew.

USB ports

Send embroidery designs directly to/ from your PC. Connect USB devices such as memory sticks and memory card reader/writer.

Quick-set bobbin

Just drop in a full bobbin and be ready to sew immediately.

Bobbin Work

The included Bobbin Work kit allows you to use a variety of decorative threads in your creations to add impressive stitching to your projects. Create reverse ‘upside down' sewing with speciality threads that don't fi t through the eye of the needle.

Eco mode

Automatically switches the machine into sleep mode, to save energy

Fast, accurate embroidery

The Innov-is V7 has a high maximum embroidery speed (up to 1,050 stitches per minute) so you can create large areas of complicated embroidery in a short period of time. It's slide-on mechanism lets you quickly attach and remove the embroidery frame, whilst the automatic thread trimmer instantly cuts both top and bottom threads, and the automatic thread wiper cuts the jump stitches to save you time.

Basting function

Prevents shrinkage and misalignment of embroidery designs.

Instantly import/export patterns

Via PC or Brother memory card, we've even made it easy for you to import and export your own patterns. Simply insert a Brother embroidery memory card, USB memory stick or connect the Innov-is V7 to your PC via the USB port, and send your embroidery design directly to the machine. With the optional Brother PE-Design software, you can convert numerous image file types into stitch data format (PES).

Built-in competitor colour thread charts, compatible with other manufacturers thread

You'll never have to search for the right colour again. Brother's built-in colour charts clearly label the colours in your pattern with numbers that correspond to your spools, making thread selection easy. In addition, the Innov-is V7 recognises threads from five major brands. When your pattern asks for a particular colour thread, just select the name of your manufacturer's thread from the information displayed on the screen and the corresponding colour will be displayed.

Resume function

If the power should be interrupted, the Innov-is V7 will return to the exact stitch it stopped at and will continue to embroider from there.

PE-Design Next (Additional purchase required.)

Provides powerful digitising and editing capabilities, allowing you the creative freedom to design original embroidery, and easily turn illustrations, photos, and lettering into custom embroidery designs.

PE-Design Plus (Additional purchase required.)

Designed for beginners, this easy-touse software allows you to convert existing PC images to stitch data automatically and personalise your work with added lettering, in many different styles.

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Innov-is V7

£4,499.00   Suggested Retail Price incl VAT

1/4" Piecing foot


Best for quilt and patchwork piecing with 1/4" or 1/8" seam allowance. Its back and small needle opening are designed to give the right pressure to fabrics.

Link to video

Model number: F001N


Narrow Hem Foot - 7mm


Designed to create a flat narrow hem on lightweight fabrics.

Link to video

Model number: F002N



Zipper Foot – concealed


Allows you to install concealed zippers easily.

Model number: F004N


Quilting Foot – plastic


For Darning, quilting or free motion. The foot raises and lowers with the needle to allow fabric to be moved between stitches and to hold fabric in place while stitches are created.

Model number: F005N

Link to video


Non Stick Foot (horizontal)


Designed for consistent feeding with fabrics such as leather, vinyl and other novelty fabrics.

Link to video

Model number: F007N


Gathering Foot


To gather one or two layers of lightweight fabric.
*The low shank adapter is required for Super Ace + e and Super Galaxie series.

Link to video

Model number:F012N



Cording Foot


The foot works perfectly for attaching three cords or threads through grooves on clothing, household linens, etc.

Compatible with Star 110 to 140E, Super Ace and Super Galaxie series (7mm horizontal bobbin sewing machine)

Model number: F013N


Binder Foot


With a tape guide, this makes attractive binding similar to pre-folded or unfolded bias tape.

Compatible with all our home-use sewing machines.

Model number: F014N


Quilting guide


Attaches to walking foot, acts as guide to set precise distances from one point to another.
Use it to sew parallel rows at preset even intervals.
This quilting guide may also be inserted in the hole on the back of the snap-on presser foot ankle.

Compatible with all our home-use sewing machines

Model number: F016N


Blind Stitch Foot (Horizontal)


Adjustable for creating blind hems on a variety of fabrics. This foot is also handy for sewing fabric edges with a fixed seam allowance.(Snap-on foot)
*The presser foot holder (XA4789-001) is required for Super Ace + e, Super Galaxie 2000, 2100, 3000 and 3100.

Compatible with Star 100 series, Super Ace series, Super Galaxie series (7mm stitch width, horizontal bobbin sewing machines)

Model number: F017N

Link to video


5-hole Cording Foot


This foot makes embellishment edges, cuffs, collars, etc with 5 cords. This foot works with zigzag or decorative stitch mode. Stitch over all cords.

Compatible with Star 110 to 140E, Super Ace and Super Galaxie series (7mm horizontal bobbin sewing machines)

Model Number:F019N


7-hole Cording Foot


This foot makes embellishment edges, cuffs, collars, etc with 7 cords. This foot works with zigzag or decorative stitch mode. Stitch over all cords.

Compatible with Star 110 to 140E, Super Ace and Super Galaxie series (7mm horizontal bobbin sewing machines)

Model number: F020N


Braiding Foot


This foot guides braiding for embellishment. It is used with a braid up to 5 mm in width and attached it to the fabric as it sews.

Compatible with all our home-use sewing machines

Model number: F021N


Clear-view Foot (Horizontal)


For optimum visiblity while sewing. It is ideal for topstitching, decorative stitches, patchwork piecing, etc. (Snap-on foot)

Compatible with Star series, Super Ace I to III and +e, PE-300S/PE-400D, Super Galaxie series (Horizontal bobbin sewing machines)

Model number: F023N


Fringe Foot


The foot creates dimensional threads loops on the top surface of the fabric. The loops can be also fringe by sewing with straight stitch along the root of loop and cutting bobbin thread.

Compatible with all our home-use sewing machines

Model number: F025N


Pearl Sequence Foot


This foot is suitable for embellishing clothing with beads using threads with a diameter of up to 4mm. It is handy to attach beads or sequins to neckline, etc.

Compatible with Star 110 to 140E, Super Ace and Super Galaxie series (7mm horizontal bobbin sewing machine)

Model number: F028N


Walking Foot 7mm (Horizontal)


The walking foot is a moving feed system that holds and moves fabric between the presser foot's upper feed dog and the machines's lower feed dogs to better control difficult fabrics as well as multiple layers of fabric. The walking foot is great for quilting, sewing when matching prints or plaids or fabric drift is an issue.
Brother offers several Walking feet which differ in the size of the feed dog, shank height etc. Please check your manual or the machine listings on this web site to find the correct walking foot to fit your machine.

Walking Feet are not for use in reverse or side to side sewing as well as some built in stitches that include other than forward movement of the feed dogs.

Model number: F033N

Link to video


Stitch Guide Foot


The scale on the presser foot can be used for perfect topstitching on both staight and curved lines. 

Model number: F035N


Zipper And Piping Foot


Adjustable for positioning the presser foot on either the left or right side of the needle. This foot makes it easy to attach zippers or piping.

*The low shank adapter is required for Super Ace + e, Super Galaxie 2000, 2100, 3000 and 3100.

Compatible with all home sewing machines

Model number: F036N

Link to video


Pico Foot


Handy for use when sewing special fabric edges like frills. For shell effect when hemming in zigzag stitch.

Compatible with Star 110 to 140E, Super Ace and Super Galaxie series (7mm horizontal bobbin sewing machine)

Link to video

Model number: F039N



Straight Stitch Foot (7mm)


This is used for consistent straight stitching on lightweight or sheer fabrics.

Compatible with Star 110 to 140E, Super Ace and Super Galaxie series (7mm horizontal bobbin sewing machine)

Model Number: F042N


7mm Ruffler Foot


This attachment easily makes pleats or ruffling in light weight fabics. Use this especially for making your home deco more gorgeous.

Compatible with Star 110 to 140E, Super Ace and Super Galaxie series

Model number: F051


Zigzag foot with leveling button


This zigzag foot is equipped with a featuture that keeps the foot level when sewing thick seems.

Model number: F053N


Side Cutter (7mm Horizontal)


Creates the perfect cut edge like an overlock or serger.

Link to video

Model number: F054


Edge joining foot


Perfect for precise and esy joining of fabrics, even sheer and difficult fabrics. It can also be used to line up and sew lace to the edge of another fabric.

Model number: F056


1/4" Piecing foot with guide


Creates perfect quilt and patchwork piecing with 1/4 inch seam allowance.
Ideal for long strip piecing.

Model number: F057

Link to video


Pin Tuck Foot with 7 grooves


The pintuck foot, in combination with a twin needle, helps you to make perfect pin tucks as well as to sew corded pin tucks on shirts, blouses and many home decorating projects easily.

Model number: F058


Open Toe Foot metal


Provides better visibility in the needle area. Ideal for securing edges of applique, Sewing curves, topstitching etc.

Model number: F060


Open toe walking foot


The feed dogs on the walking foot move at the same pace as the machines lower feed dogs to feed the fabric consistantly. Fabrics that can be difficult to sew such as vinyl, leather, quilting layers and velvet can easiliy be sewn. The open toe allows for greater visibility.

Model number: F062

Link to video



Vertical stitching alignment foot


This specially marked "V" foot is included with the Innov-is I(e) and is also available for other selected models. The side extention ruler on this foot lets you measure the distance from the needle to the edge of your fabric.


Roller foot


The Roller Foot is designed to feed slippery fabrics such as silk, leather and velvet. The textured rollers on the foot provide pressure for fabrics between foot and feed dogs so that users can sew various slippery fabrics easily and smoothly.
The Roller Foot is commonly used with a straight stitch or zig zag stitch. It can also be used with other utility and decorative stitches.

Model number: F066.


Circular attachment


Circular attachment for sewing in a circle
Optional accessory to sew in a circle, with utility and decorative stitches, without side feeding.

Compatible with Innov-is I/Ie, Innov-is 4000/ 5000/ 1500/ 2200 series, QC-1000, NX-2000, Innov-is 1200, Innov-is 900/ 950, Innov-is 200/ 350/ 400/ 550/ 600 series and Innov-is 10/ 20/ 30/ 50 series

• Circular attachment
• 1 screw for set-up (plus 1 spare)
• Braiding foot
• Cording foot (3 cords)
• Quarter Circular Template
• User manual

• Circular size is 30mm to 130mm
• Scale displayed on every 5mm
• Template is used for matching the first stitch to the last
• Can be used with optional presser feet

Model Number: CIRC1


10 spool thread stand


This 10 spool thread stand attaches securly to your machine to provide 10 vertical spool pins for thread delivery or bobbin storage. Allows easy access to frequently used thread colours.

For Innov-is I/ Ie

Model number: TS4


Bobbin clip set


10 re-usable high quality bobbins with a bobbin clip that stops thread from unwinding. The bobbin clips can also be connected to each other for quick and easy storage.

Model number: BCL


Seam Guide


Guides fabric with an accurate 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch or 5/8th inch seam.
It can be used with all kinds of presser feet.

Compatible with Innov-is I(e)/ 5000/ 4000/ 2200/ 1500/ 1250/ 600/ 550/ 400/ 350/ 950

Model code: SG1


Straight Stitch foot and staight stitch needle plate


Straight stitch foot and needle plate for perfect straight stitching.

Model number: SNP01


Embroidery Card Reader


The embroidery card reader connects to the Innvov-is I(e) to enable the use of Brother embroidery cards.

Model code: SAECR1


Adjustable bias binding foot


This foot has clear plastic bias tape guide. By adjusting this guide, users can sew various width bias tape from ¼" to ¾" (5mm to 20mm).

Model number: F071


V-Series Software and embroidery area upgrade


Get more versatility from your machine with new hoop and design options. Expand your embroidery area with the included extra large 300mm x 200mm (12"x8") embroidery hoop, and create virtually flawless square designs with the included 200mm x 200mm (8"x8") square embroidery hoop. This features upgrade includes new, easy to use, multiple line formatting, 30 embroidery designs for use with the included hoops, and expands your machine's embroidery area to 300mm x 200mm (12"x8")

Compatible with Innov-is V3, V5 and V7 models

Installation requirments:

Computer IBM-PC or compatible computer
Operation system  Windows Visa, Windows 7,8,8.1, 10 (32bit or 64bit)
CD-Rom drive Required for installation
Others Internet connection available and one USB port