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£209.00   Suggested Retail Price incl VAT

The XR37NT traditional sewing machine featuring a wide range of stitches ideal for repairs, dressmaking and home furnishing projects. Includes features designed to make sewing quick and easy such as automatic needle theader and quick set bobbin system.

• 37 Built-in stitches
• LED Light
• Automatic needle threader
• Automatic one step button hole
• Quick set bobbin
• Stitch length/width adjustment
• Drop feed
• Hard case
• 3 Year warranty
• Instructional DVD included

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Included accessories

Zigzag foot "J" (on machine)
Buttonhole foot "A"
Zipper foot "I"
Button sewing foot "M"
Blind stitch foot
Extra spool pin
Spool cap "A"
Spool cap "B"
4 Bobbins (One is on machine)
Twin needle (2.0/75 needle)
Needle set (90/14 needle)
Disc-shaped screwdriver
Seam ripper
Cleaining brush
Foot controller
Hard case

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£209.00   Suggested Retail Price incl VAT

Built in stitches

37 stitches

Built-in light

Extra bright sewing light effectibly lights the sewing area

Automatic needle threader

Quick and simple needle threading


Automatic one step button hole

Free arm

For sewing cylindrycal items such as sleeves or trouser legs.

Quick set bobbin

Just drop in a full bobbin, follow the thread guide and you are ready to sew.

Stitch length/width adjustment

Adjust the stitch length and width as required

F.A.S.T Bobbin winding

Fast And Simple Bobbin winding system makes winding bobbins quick and simple.

Drop Feed

The feed dogs can be lowered for free motion or free hand sewing. Useful for quilting or embroidery.


3 Year Warranty

Cover included

Includes a protective soft cover

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£209.00   Suggested Retail Price incl VAT

1/4" Piecing foot


Best for quilt and patchwork piecing with 1/4" or 1/8" seam allowance. Its back and small needle opening are designed to give the right pressure to fabrics.

Link to video

Model number: F001N


Narrow Hem Foot - 7mm


Designed to create a flat narrow hem on lightweight fabrics.

Link to video

Model number: F002N



Zipper Foot – concealed


Allows you to install concealed zippers easily.

Model number: F004N


Quilting Foot – plastic


For Darning, quilting or free motion. The foot raises and lowers with the needle to allow fabric to be moved between stitches and to hold fabric in place while stitches are created.

Model number: F005N

Link to video


Non Stick Foot (horizontal)


Designed for consistent feeding with fabrics such as leather, vinyl and other novelty fabrics.

Link to video

Model number: F007N


Gathering Foot


To gather one or two layers of lightweight fabric.
*The low shank adapter is required for Super Ace + e and Super Galaxie series.

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Model number:F012N



Cording Foot


The foot works perfectly for attaching three cords or threads through grooves on clothing, household linens, etc.

Compatible with Star 110 to 140E, Super Ace and Super Galaxie series (7mm horizontal bobbin sewing machine)

Model number: F013N


Binder Foot


With a tape guide, this makes attractive binding similar to pre-folded or unfolded bias tape.

Compatible with all our home-use sewing machines.

Model number: F014N


Open Toe Quilting foot


The large opening on the front of the foot gives you wide visibility in the needle area. Use for free-motion, outline quilting etc.

Model number: F061

Link to video


Open toe walking foot


The feed dogs on the walking foot move at the same pace as the machines lower feed dogs to feed the fabric consistantly. Fabrics that can be difficult to sew such as vinyl, leather, quilting layers and velvet can easiliy be sewn. The open toe allows for greater visibility.

Model number: F062

Link to video



Roller foot


The Roller Foot is designed to feed slippery fabrics such as silk, leather and velvet. The textured rollers on the foot provide pressure for fabrics between foot and feed dogs so that users can sew various slippery fabrics easily and smoothly.
The Roller Foot is commonly used with a straight stitch or zig zag stitch. It can also be used with other utility and decorative stitches.

Model number: F066.


Bobbin clip set


10 re-usable high quality bobbins with a bobbin clip that stops thread from unwinding. The bobbin clips can also be connected to each other for quick and easy storage.

Model number: BCL


Bobbins 11.5 mm


Pack of 10 11.5 mm bobbins for use with all Innov-is models, ES series, BC series, MS, LX series, LS series, X5, JS23, BS series, XR Series, AE series

Model number: SFB

For best results use only original Brother Bobbins in your machine.  These are supplied in original Brother packaging.

Using the wrong bobbin type or non Brother  bobbins may result in poor performance or cause damage to your machine. 

If in doubt please check your manual or contact your dealer.