PE-Design NEXT

Creative - fascinating - versatile
Now your embroidery dreams can come true.

• Enhanced user interface for optimal control
• A larger selection of stitches, patterns and character sets
• Enhanced lettering functions
• Swift and easy digitization of figures, photos and letters in the form of user-defined embroidery designs
• Expanded functions for data transfer to embroidery machines

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PE-Design (all versions) Windows compatibility chart.

PE-Design NEXT

Discover the whole new world of embroidery!

Give free rein to your creativity. Have fun designing original embroidery swiftly and easily.

Enhanced user interface

Access the required functions from the menu list quickly and easily. Moreover, always to hand are the large colour range, the zoom function to expand or shrink the view, the stitch simulator and many additional functions.

The key PE design functions

• Printing and stitching
• Mix gradients and colours
• Photostitch
• Cross stitch

New stitch functions for more expressive embroidery

• Stamped cross stitch and candlewicking stitch
• Floral design
• Mirror copy
• Circle copy
• Shog line

Expanded letter functions

• 100 integrated alphabets
• Transform text
• Contour
• Monogram
• Small fonts from 3 to 6 mm
• Font creator - Use this program to create and process user-defined font types. Save handwritten characters to be embroidered from letter designs and define unique embroidery patterns.

Link (connecting) function for professional tasks

Embroidery designs can be sent from the computer to be embroidered on multiple embroidery machines. You can use the computer to select which embroidery machine should embroider which embroidery pattern and the relevant data can be transferred to the machine. During the embroidery process, a status monitoring function for each machine on the computer is possible. (The PR-1000 and PR-650 Ver. 2 of Brother can use the link function.)

200 pre-installed design templates

Thanks to the new design template function, you can combine templates with names as desired.

Insert names

Simply by replacing text, e.g. a name, you can create a whole series of identical embroidery designs with pre-aligned text. (Allows a list of up to 500 names to be created.)

System requirements

• PC: IBM PC or compatible PC
• Operating system: Windows®XP/Windows Vista®/Windows®7
• Processor: 1GHz or higher
• Main memory: 512MB (1GB or more recommended)
• Hard drive capacity: 300MB
• Monitor: XGA (1024x768), 16 bit colour or higher
• Interface: USB
• CD-ROM drive: Required for the installation