Free standing thread stand

Art. No. X81123151

Holds up to 10 thread spools.
Save time changing threads.

For all embroidery and sewing/embroidery machines

Model number: TS1

King spool thread stand

Art. No. XE1833001

This 2 pin thread stand attaches securly to your machine to hold large thread cones. Perfect for quick thread changes for twin needle sewing.

For Innov-is 1500/ 2200/ 4000/ 5000

Model number: TS3

10 spool thread stand

Art. No. XE5065101

This 10 spool thread stand attaches securly to your machine to provide 10 vertical spool pins for thread delivery or bobbin storage. Allows easy access to frequently used thread colours.

For Innov-is I/ Ie

Model number: TS4


Art. No. XE0806001

3 pieces of 28 cm x 100 cm embroidery stabilizer.

Model number: BM3N

Water Soluble stabilizer

Art. No. XE0615001

Perfect for projects where no stabilizer remains after the embroidery is complete. Can also be used on top of high nap fabric such as towling or fur and is ideal for making lace.

Model number: BM5

Border Frame

Art. No. XE5059001

Compatible with Innov-is I(e) and Innov-is 4000/ 5000

Model number: BF2

Embroidery positioning sticker

Art. No. XF0763001

Contains 6 sheets with 77 stickers per sheet

Model number: EPS1

Thread stand

Art. No. XC9655152

10 spool thread stand fits securely to the Innov-is 5000/ 4000(D)/ 2200/ 1500(D)

Model number: TS2

Upgrade to PE-Design Next


Upgrade PE-Design version 5, 6, 7, 8 to PE-Design Next.

Model number UGKNEXT

Premium upgrade pack I

Art. No. NV1UGK1

Adds advanced new features to the Innov-is I
• New bobbin work case and cover
• 14 embroidery patterns for bobbin work
• Embroidery patterns can be enlarged or reduced while maintaining stitch density
• Scan projects to screen for easy positioning of embroidery designs
• Additional Cursive Embroidery Font

Model number NV1UGK1

Premium upgrade pack II

Art. No. NV1UGK2

Adds advanced new features to the Innov-is I.
Features include:
• Colour Shuffling
• My Custom Design and Pen Tablet
• 10 New embroidery designs
• 2 new embroidery fonts

Model number NV1UGK2

Premium upgrade pack III

Art. No. NV1UGK3

Adds advance new features to the Innov-is I, Innov-is Ie

Embroidery design connection feature

New larger 10 cm x 30 cm continuous border frame

10 new embroidery border designs

Dowload leaflet

PE-Desigh Lite upgrade to PE-Design V7


Upgrades PE-Design Lite to PE-Design version 7

Embroidery frame „S" 60 x 20 mm

Art. No. X80904102

Model number: EF21

Embroidery frame „M" 100 x 100 mm

Art. No. X80903002

Model number: EF22

Embroidery frame „XL" 180 x 130 mm

Art. No. X80902002

Model number: EF23

Embroidery frame „SS" 10 x 50 mm

Art. No. XA3713001

Model number: EF30

Embroidery frame „S" 60 x 60 mm

Art. No. XA3730001

Model number: EF31

Embroidery frame „N" 110 x 110 mm

Art. No. XA3727001

Model number: EF32

Embroidery frame „XL" 170 x 110 mm

Art. No. XA3733001

Model number: EF33

Embroidery frame „S" 60 x 20 mm

Art. No. XA6630102

Model number: EF61

Embroidery frame „M" 100 x 100 mm

Art. No. XF2415001

Model number: EF62

Embroidery frame „XL" 170 x 100 mm

Art. No. XF2410001

Model number: EF71

Embroidery frame „S" 60 x 20 mm

Art. No. X81275002

Model number: EF63

Embroidery frame „M" 100 x 100 mm

Art. No. X81273002

Model number: EF64

Embroidery frame „XL" 260 x 160 mm

Art. No. X81274002

Model number: EF65

Embroidery frame „L" 180 x 130 mm

Art. No. X81329002

Model number: EF69

Embroidery frame „S" 60 x 20 mm

Art. No. XC8479152

Model number: EF73

Embroidery frame „M" 100 x 100 mm

Art. No. XC8480152

Model number: EF74

Embroidery frame „XL" 180 x 130 mm

Art. No. XC8481152

Model number: EF75

Embroidery frame „L" 300 x 180 mm (For NV4000D/ 4000/ 5000)

Art. No. XC8482152

Model number: EF76

Embroidery frame „LL" 260 x 160 mm (For NV1500D/ 1500/ 2200)

Art. No. XC9763152

Model number: EF81

Embroidery frame „S" 60 x 20 mm

Art. No. XD0598002

Model number: EF82

Embroidery frame „M" 100 x 100 mm

Art. No. XD0599002

Model number: EF83

Embroidery frame „L" 180 x 130 mm

Art. No. XD0600002

Model number: EF84

Embroidery frame „LL" 300 x 130 mm

Art. No. XD0601002

Model number: EF85

Embroidery frame Quilt 200 x 200 mm

Art. No. XE5068101

Model number: EF91

Embroidery frame Extra Large 300 x 200 mm

Art. No. XE5071001

Model number: EF92

Bobbin thread (Black)

Art. No. XC5520001

for Innov-is I(e)/ 5000/ 4000/ 2200/ 1200/ 1250/ 900 series/ 500 series/ SuperGalaxie series

Model number: EBTCEB

Bobbin thread (White)

Art. No. X81164001

for Innov-is I(e)/ 5000/ 4000/ 2200/ 1200/ 1250/ 900 series/ 500 series/ SuperGalaxie series

Model number: EBTCE

Bobbin thread (White)

Art. No. XC5996001

for embroidery only models. Innov-is 700 series

Model number: EBTPE

12 Colour Embroidery thread set

Art. No. XC5517002

Model number: ETS12

Embroidery thread 22 colors

Art. No. XC5516002

Model number: ETS22

Embroidery thread 40 colors

Art. No. XC5518001

Model number: ETS40

Country Yarn thread 21 Colours

Art. No. X81269102

Model number: CYT21

Country Yarn thread 21 Colours

Art. No. X81078102

Model number: CYT040

Embroidery Thread copper metallic

Art. No. XC5522986

Model number: MT986

Embroidery Thread Light blue metallic

Art. No. XC5522987

Model number: MT987

Embroidery Thread lavender metallic

Art. No. XC5522988

Model number: MT988

Embroidery Thread Fresh green metallic

Art. No. XC5522989

Model number: MT989

Embroidery Thread Light Pink metallic

Art. No. XC5522990

Model number: MT990

Embroidery Thread Dark pink metallic

Art. No. XC5522991

Model number: MT991

Embroidery Thread mint metallic

Art. No. XC5522992

Model number: MT992

Embroidery Thread Red metallic

Art. No. XC5522993

Model number: MT993

Embroidery Thread Green metallic

Art. No. XC5522994

Model number: MT994

Embroidery Thread Blue metallic

Art. No. XC5522995

Model number: MT995

Embroidery Thread Silver gray metallic

Art. No. XC5522996

Model number: MT996

Embroidery Thread silver metallic

Art. No. XC5522997

Model number: MT997

Embroidery Thread Deep gold metallic

Art. No. XC5522998

Model number: MT998

Embroidery Thread Base Light 5 PC

Art. No. XC5990077

Model number: ET077S

Embroidery Thread Peach

Art. No. XC5990132

Model number: ET132S

Embroidery Thread Milk Choc

Art. No. XC5990157

Model number: ET157S

Embroidery Thread Dark Choc

Art. No. XC5990160

Model number: ET160S

Embroidery Thread Lite Biege

Art. No. XC5990165

Model number: ET165S

Embroidery Thread Dark Biege

Art. No. XC5990166

Model number: ET166S

Embroidery Thread Lite Taupe

Art. No. XC5990170

Model number: ET170S

Embroidery Thread Lite Rose

Art. No. XC5990183

Model number: ET183S

Embroidery Thread Dark Café

Art. No. XC5990184

Model number: ET184S

Embroidery Thread Hilte Coco

Art. No. XC5990185

Model number: ET185S

Embroidery Card Reader

Art. No. SAECR

The embroidery card reader connects to the Innvov-is I(e) to enable the use of Brother embroidery cards.

Model code: SAECR1

Premium upgrade kit IV

Art. No. NV1UGK4

The upgrade kit is compatible with both the Innov-is 1 and Innov-is 1e and can be installed independently from any other upgrade kit. Premium upgrade kit IV includes:- LED pointer and embroidery foot Multi Function Foot Control CD complete with 260 patterns and designs

Standard Frame


Art. No. PRH300

300 x 200 mm, Frame for PR1000/ PR1000e/ PR650/ PR650e, included with PR-650/ PR650e

Standard Frame


Art. No. PRH180

180 x 130 mm, included with PR1000/ PR1000e/ PR650/ PR650e

Standard Frame


Art. No. PRH100

100 x 100 mm, included with PR1000/ PR1000e/ PR650/ PR650e

Flat Frame


Art. No. PRF300

300 x 200 mm, flat frame for PR1000/ PR1000e/ PR650/ PR650e

Cap Frame complet set


Art. No. PRCF3

130 x 60 mm, for PR1000/ PR1000e/ PR650/ PR650e

Cap Frame assembly


Art. No. PRCFH3

130 x 60 mm, for PR1000/ PR1000e/ PR650/ PR650e

Cylinder Frame complet set


Art. No. PRCL1

90 x 80 mm, Complete cylinder frame set for the PR1000/ PR1000e/ PR650/ PR650e

Cylinder Frame


Art. No. PRCLH1

90 x 80 mm, for PR1000/ PR1000e/ PR650/ PR650e

Needle Cover


Art. No. PRNC3

For PR1000/ PR1000e

Upgrade Kit


Art. No. PRUGK1

Premium upgrade kit for PR1000/PR1000e

Add advanced new features to your
PR1000e, PR-1000 machine
• Image Scanning function
• Colour Shuffling function
• Border connection
• Stitch recalculate
• 10 new embroidery designs
• 2 new embroidery fonts

V-Series Software and embroidery area upgrade

Art. No. UGKV1

Get more versatility from your machine with new hoop and design options. Expand your embroidery area with the included extra large 300mm x 200mm (12"x8") embroidery hoop, and create virtually flawless square designs with the included 200mm x 200mm (8"x8") square embroidery hoop. This features upgrade includes new, easy to use, multiple line formatting, 30 embroidery designs for use with the included hoops, and expands your machine's embroidery area to 300mm x 200mm (12"x8")

Compatible with Innov-is V3, V5 and V7 models

Installation requirments:

Computer IBM-PC or compatible computer
Operation system  Windows Visa, Windows 7,8,8.1, 10 (32bit or 64bit)
CD-Rom drive Required for installation
Others Internet connection available and one USB port



Innov-is XV premium upgrade package

Art. No. UGKXV1

Now you can enjoy a host of great new features for your XV including more stitch patterns, designs and editing capabilities than ever before. Plus, an included 9.5" x 9.5" embroidery hoop for all your new creations.

My Design Center - Stipple & Freehand with ease.

There are many new enhancements to My Design Center, including automatic outline recognition and new decorative fill patterns, so you can add detail to any project.


Accurately stipple anywhere on any project. Add stippling or fill to any embroidery design, whether built-in or imported. Import your saved outline, choose from 10 new built-in decorative fill patterns or stipple stitch, and the machine does the rest. The enhanced Preview mode allows you to see both the scanned design and selected stippling or fill pattern before you begin to stitch.


Use the built-in library of shapes to add interesting detail to any project. You can even combine shapes and apply inside or outside stippling. And now you can choose decorative fill patterns with separate stitch settings to create unique designs. Includes 30 new closed shapes, 30 new open shapes, and 2 new line options – Candlewicking and Diamond!

New TRAPUNTO-LIKE EMBROIDERY Easily create Trapunto-like projects using the new Save Outline feature. The last 6 outlines are saved.

Enhanced Embroidery Editing

New NO-FUSS STIPPLING! Easily add stippling around any embroidery design or shape in the Embroidery mode. The machine will recognize the outline of your design and automatically apply stippling. The margin and stippling size are djustable.

New COLOUR SORT When combining designs, you can easily cut down on thread changes by having the machine sort the stitch order by colour. New ICONS For showing Hoop Size, Distance from Design and Spacing of Stippling.

New EASY APPLIQUÉ FEATURE Instant pattern outline for easily creating appliqué. Now you can create multiple appliqués in one hoop!

New MULTI-LINE TEXT INPUT AND ALIGNMENT Easily embroider multi-line words, phrases and notes. Also allows for Left, Center and Right alignment of text. New MULTIPLE DESIGN TRANSFER Copy multiple design files from your USB to the machine's memory at once.

New MULTIPLE DESIGN SELECTION Makes editing multiple design creations easy.

New COMBINE BOBBIN WORK DESIGNS Now you can combine Bobbin Work designs, and the machine alerts you when a pattern is complete to change the bobbin to stitch the next design. New GROUP AND UNGROUP Easily group letters and designs to edit all at once.

New 20 EXCLUSIVE EMBROIDERY PATTERNS We've added new patterns to give you more options when