Download free projects
Christmas Booties
Create Christmas Booties with this great project from Louise Presley of Hope & Elvis.
Vintage cardigan
Create a personalised cardigan with this great project from Louise Presley of Hope & Elvis.
Flair issue 32
Project design file for the fringed flower project by Gill Rogers in Flair issue 32.
Bit bag
Keep your floor tidy with this handy bit bag.
Creative Sewing Roll
Create a quick and easy 'Sewing Roll' to store all your sewing bits and bobs!
Valentine card
Valentine envelope and card project designed by Louise Presley of Hope & Elvis.
Tablet cover
Project your tablet computer with this embroidered cover, made using the Innov-is V7
Summer Picnic roll
Perfect for Picnics and Barbeques. This roll up Place Mat holds cutlery for one person, keeping it safe and clean, ready for use.
Luxury Bunting
Make your own luxury bunting for special occasions
Jubilee Lace Flower
Great your own lace flower
4 Way Linen Tea Cosy
Keep your Tea pot nice and warm with this Linen Tea Cosy
Recycled ‘Bit Bag
Keep British Sewing Rooms Tidy With our Recycled ‘Bit Bag
Quick and Easy Party Bags
Super little Party Bags. Perfect for take home cake!
Laptop bag
Add a stylish twist to your laptop holdall with this personalised yet practical design from online sewing and embroidery expert Sally McCollin of
Quilt and pillow case
Add a bit of British chic to your bedroom with some quilted Union Jack pillows By Cat Morley
Skirt and Jacket projects
Reconstruct your wardrobe with Brother and Junky Styling By Junky Styling
From an old pair of jeans to a stylish skirt By Sissy Rooney
Denim Rose
Finishing touch – a denim rose By Sissy Rooney